The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Prince Edward Island Division has been formed in order to improve and maintain the social, economic and general welfare of its members, workers and retired workers. We stand to defend and add the civil rights and liberties of workers in the public service and to preserve the rights and freedoms of democratic trade unions.

CUPE PEI represents over 3300 members on the Island in many sectors such as municipalities, healthcare, long term care, K-12 education and post-secondary education.

CUPE PEI is involved in promoting suitable legislative measures within PEI to further the interest, aims and objectives of CUPE members, as well as promoting the maximum participation of locals in the Canadian Labour Congress and the PEI Federation of Labour.

CUPE PEI also assists in the organization of unorganized workers generally, and public employees in particular. We actively promote educational, legislative and social action for lasting improvements for workers.