About us

Board Members

President: Ashley Clark - aclark@cupe.ca




Vice President: Bobby Kennedy -  bobbkenn@hotmail.com

My name is Bobby Kennedy. I was elected to the division in 2015 as Eastern health rep. I am the Vice President of Local 805. I also am a member facilitator for CUPE. I enjoy my seat on division working alongside some great activists for our great union and look forward to doing so in the future.




Secretary-Treasurer: Linda Jones - lmjones@edu.pe.ca

Linda is a member of CUPE Local 3260. She works at Hernewood Intermediate School in West Prince as an Educational Assistant. She has been a CUPE member since 1998, and her CUPE activism began in 1999. Initially, Linda served as VP for CUPE Local 3260 for 3 years. This was followed up as Treasurer for 8 years and then served as President and Past President for 7 years. She continues to serve as a Trustee and Pension Representative for Local 3260. Along with the service to the local, Linda is currently CUPE PEI Division Treasurer and has held that position for the past 9 years. Linda has been trained as a Member Facilitator and continues to be involved with the CUPE Schools offered on PEI. She has recently served a 2-year term as the National Co-Chair for the Education Sector and has assisted with the Sector Conference.
Linda lives in Alberton with her husband Bruce and enjoys life in the rural setting with family and friends.




Recording Secretary: Jennifer LeBlanc - jenniferleblanc1@hotmail.com

Jennifer works at Prince County Hospital in the Maintenance department and She has been a proud member of local 1779 since 2001. She became active in 2017 and served at the local level as Recording Secretary. She is currently the Vice President of her local and the Recording Secretary for the Health Council. She has been the Recording Secretary for CUPE PEI since 2022. She also sits on the National Global Justice Committee. Jennifer has a love for nature and animals and lives with her husband Kevin and their 4 fur-kids in Summerside.




Health West: Cindy Ramsay – cindy072866@outlook.com

Hi everyone my name is Cindy Ramsay I live with my husband John in Kensington. I have 1 son Dakota and his wife my daughter in-law Samantha and a brand-new grandson Drew. I have one fur baby my pup Stella. I've been a CUPE member for 20 plus years. During my 20 years I have been active with CUPE I started out as a shop Stewart for 6 years than I became vice president of my local 1779 for 5 years and I became president of my local in November 2022 . I have been the health west rep for 3 years now and enjoy every minute of my Cupe activism . I am also on the national OH&S committee currently in my second term. I look forward to my year on the CUPE division board.



Municipalities: Charlottetown & Summerside, Municipal Police: Pauline Gass  – pgass171@hotmail.com

I have been a proud CUPE member of Local 830 since July 2003. I have been working with the Charlottetown Water & Sewer Utility as an operations clerk. While being with Local 830 I have been the Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee and President. I was the first female President of Local 830 which is a male dominated workforce. I have been on the Women's Committee, Privatization Committee, Literacy Committee, Environment Committee and I am the Municiple sector division representative.




Island EMS, Atl Baptist and Group Homes: Alice Rice - ricea19@hotmail.com

Alice Rice is a paramedic with local 3324. She has been a member of CUPE since 2010 and has served on the executive of her local in various rolls since 2012. Alice has served on multiple Provincial committees and has been part of lobbying efforts that were key components to get PTSD into PEI legislation for all workers. Alice was elected to CUPE PEI in 2023 as the representative for Island EMS, Atlantic Baptist and group homes!

Education East: Rob Harding- merobbiet@gmail.com

My name is Rob Harding . I have been married to my wonderful wife Christa for 21 years. We have 4 amazing children , Kristen,Faith,Carson and Jared and 3 beautiful grandchildren Charlee, Emmitt and Phoebee. We also have a 2 year old golden named Thor. I have been an active CUPE member for over 30 years. I am currently a school bus driver (13 years), and i love it ! I am currently vice president of local 1145. I truly enjoy my involvement with my local , and PEI division . I have been involved in coaching hockey and baseball for over 15 years. Please do not hesitate to reach out me if you have any questions or concerns .



Education West: Chantel Chanel Walsh - chantal.chanell@gmail.com

Chantal is a member of CUPE Local 3260 and Local 1775. She is an Educational Assistant and a
Custodian, with La Commission scolaire de la langue française.
She has been actively involved in Local 3260 committees since 2018, as the French member on the
Health and Safety Committee, the Bylaw Committee, the Making a Difference Award Committee, and
the Education Committee.
In 2020 she took on a bigger role in Local 3260, as the Vice President for all French members on Prince
Edward Island. Chantal has also filled in as the Interim Vice President for both East Area and the Central
West Area while those positions became vacant.
She has attended numerous CUPE Educational workshops, Conventions and Conferences throughout the
Maritimes, as well as Montreal and Ottawa.
Chantal lives in the sweet little community of St Ann’s with her husband Stephen and together they have
3 adult children. Chantal is a proud grandmother of two and spending time with them is the highlight of
her weekends and holidays.




Locals 1870 & 501 UPEI Police: Cecia Huang - equalityanddiversity@cupe1870.ca

Cecia arrived in Prince Edward Island in 2017. Since October 2019, she's been working at the University of PEI and is an active member of CUPE Local 1870. She values the chance to make a difference in the community and appreciates the ability to bring diverse perspectives to the table. As a board member, she hopes to support members in the best way possible.


Young Workers Rep: Mikayla Gallant - mikayla.gallant13@gmail.com



Black, Indigenous, Racialized Representative: Jody Gibbenhuck - jodygibbenhuck@hotmail.com

Hi my name is Jody Gibbenhuck, I am a cook at Summerset Manor and a member of local 1779. I currently reside in Summerside and have 1 son. You will usually find me snowboarding in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer. In my spare time I enjoy being in nature and spending time with my family and boyfriend. As an Inuit Métis woman I am proud to hold this position and hope to help in anyway I can. 


Health East: Darren O'Connor - dr.oconnor@hotmail.com



CUPE Members have the opportunity to sit on Provincial and National Communities. The work of these committees is very valuable to the work of CUPE. They provide an opportunity for engagement and also help us steer important initiatives and projects.

To sit on a National Committee, you must be elected to do so. However, if you are interested in joining, proposing ideas or volunteering with a Provincial Committee, reach out to us at cupepei@gmail.com

National Committee Members 

  • Advisory Committee on Pensions - June Pineau
  • Child Care Working Group - Kelsey Ferguson
  • Contracting out and Privatization - Nicole Couture
  • Environment - Robert Harding
  • Global Justice - Jennifer LeBlanc
  • Health and Safety - Cindy Ramsay
  • Health Care Issues - Cheryl Koughan
  • Indigenous Council- Maire Doyle
  • Library Workers - Vacant
  • Literacy - Vacant
  • Pink Triangle - Robyn Sharp-Currie
  • Political Action - Alice Rice
  • Post-Secondary - Vacant
  • Transportation - Cathy Richard
  • Women’s and Gender Rights- Andrea Garlick
  • Young Workers - Mikayla Gallant

Provincial Committee Members & Liaison's

  • Pension Issues - Division Liaison Rep - Rob Harding , Education Sector - Lynda MacLean, Health Sector - June Pineau, - Island EMS/Atl Baptist Nursing & Group Homes - Donna Gormley
  • PR Fund - Division Liaison - Linda Jones, Education Sector Rep - Kelly Matheson, Health Sector -  Katie Jo Kenny, Island EMS/Atl Baptist Nursing & Group Homes - Stacy Paquette
  • PEI Bursary Committee - Division Liaison - Linda Jones
  • Contracting out and Privatization - Division Liaison - Alice Rice, Education Sector - Rob Harding, Health Sector - Mikayla Gallant, Municipal Sector - Tamara Whitlock, Island EMS/Atl Baptist Nursing & Group Homes - Cathy Herrell
  • Human Rights - Division Liaison - Linda Jones
  • LiteracyDivision Liaison - Chantel Chanel Walsh, Education Sector - Constance Mac Rae, Health - Cheryl Koughan, Municipal Sector - Pauline Gass, University Sector - Cecia Huang, Island EMS/Atl Baptist Nursing & Group Homes - Kim Cameron
  • Environment - Division Liaison - Darren O'Connor, Education Sector - Rob Coughlin, Health Sector- Jane Smith
  • Global Justice - Division Liaison - Jennifer LeBlanc ,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Division Liaison - Cindy Ramsay, Education Sector - Darcie Handrahan, Health Sector - Darren O'Connor, University Sector - Megan Glover, Island EMS/Atl Baptist & Group Homes - Alice Rice
  • Women’sDivision Liaison - Pauline Gass, Education Sector Amie Gorveatt, Island EMS/Atl Baptist & Group Homes - Nadine Paquet
  • Young WorkersDivision Liaison - Mikayla Gallant , Education Sector - Sawyer Murphy

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Planning and Priorities - Ashley Clark, Bobby Kennedy, Linda Jones, Jennifer LeBlanc, Sandy Harding, Simon Oulette, Servicing and Specialty Reps as Required
  • Finance Committee - Linda Jones, Pauline Gass, Bobby Kennedy

CUPE Locals

Below are the CUPE Locals on PEI. Some Locals maintain webpages, which are accessible by clicking their hyperlink.

501 - President Adam Dunn Adamdunn99@gmail.com Charlottetown Civic Employees

UPEI Security Police

Waste Water Treatment Plant

804 - President Steven Muncey stevencmuncey@gmail.com City of Summerside, Municipal Employees
805- President Bobby Kennedy bobbkenn@hotmail.com

1051, President Robyn Sharp-Currie mustlovedogs1172@gmail.com

1778 - President Chris Lewis 1979gs850g@gmail.com

1779 - President Cindy Ramsay cindy072866@outlook.com

CUPE Health Sector Employees
830 - President Robbie Howatt robhowatt@hotmail.com Commissioners of Water and Sewer Supply
1145 -  President Robert Geiss


PEI School Board Transportation Group
1174- President Mike Stevenson   mike.stevenson@city.summerside.pe.ca City of Summerside Police and Fire
1770  - President Tracy Campbell tracymcampbell@outlook.com11 School admin assistants, branch office admin, PEITF support staff & PEI Federation of Labor support staff.
1775 - President John Doucette johncupe1775@gmail.com School Board custodial and maintenance
1870 - President Julie Puiras president@cupe1870.ca University of Prince Edward Island
3260 - President Carolyn Vandaele carolyn.vandaele@icloud.com School educational assistants, youth service workers, student attendants, and workplace assistants employed by the Island School Boards
3324 - President Jason Woodbury jason.woodbury@eastlink.ca Island EMS
3373 - President Priscilla Pound pillypound75@gmail.com Queen's County Residential Services
4893 - President Andrew Griffin a_griffin8@yahoo.com Town of Kensington
5331 & 2523 President Cathy Herrell cathyherrell@gmail.com Atlantic Baptist Home


The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Prince Edward Island Division has been formed in order to improve and maintain the social, economic and general welfare of its members, workers and retired workers. We stand to defend and add the civil rights and liberties of workers in the public service and to preserve the rights and freedoms of democratic trade unions.

CUPE PEI represents over 3300 members on the Island in many sectors such as municipalities, healthcare, long term care, K-12 education and post-secondary education.

CUPE PEI is involved in promoting suitable legislative measures within PEI to further the interest, aims and objectives of CUPE members, as well as promoting the maximum participation of locals in the Canadian Labour Congress and the PEI Federation of Labour.

CUPE PEI also assists in the organization of unorganized workers generally, and public employees in particular. We actively promote educational, legislative and social action for lasting improvements for workers.



Unionize Your Workplace

Have questions on what a union like CUPE could do for you so you and your colleagues have better rights at work? Get the info you need to make the right decision. Contact Stacy Delaney, the CUPE organizer on our Island,  at sdelaney@cupe.ca or call/text her at 902-315-4366.

Throughout Canada, workers have the right to join a union to improve their working conditions. A union is all about building workers' strength through solidarity, collective action, and collective bargaining.

[caption id="attachment_2565" align="alignright" width="544"] Stacy Delaney, the CUPE organizer on our Island, is available by email at sdelaney@cupe.ca and by phone at 902-315-4366.[/caption]

If you work in the PEI public sector, but do not benefit from the protection and strength that a union offers, call or email us. Our CUPE union organizer will talk to you to help you organize a union in your workplace.

Stacy Delaney, the CUPE organizer on our Island, is available by email at sdelaney@cupe.ca and by phone at 902-315-4366.

In CUPE the members are in charge. Each CUPE local decides its priorities for bargaining, when to settle a new contract, and how to manage funds. Together we maintain and improve wages and benefits, improve health and safety conditions, and make your workplace better.