Charlottetown – This morning, CUPE PEI launched the campaign “Public Services Work for Our Communities”.

“The campaign promotes the importance of public services being delivered by CUPE public employees in our communites”, said Lori MacKay, CUPE PEI President.

“We believe it is important at this time to remind Islanders (and government) of the importance of the public services provided by CUPE workers throughout the province in many sectors such as education, health, public safety, post-secondary education, group homes, nursing homes, municipalities and emergency services.

Every day, Islanders use services provided by our members. Over the next few weeks, citizens will hear radio spots with the voices of REAL CUPE members who provide REAL public services talking about what they do. They include the bus drivers who pick up your kids in the morning and bring them safely home at the end of the day; they are the custodians who provide a clean, safe environment in our schools; the men and women who provide the nutritious, high quality meals necessary for a positive outcome when your loved ones are hospitalized or for those Islanders who call our Manors their home; they also include the public employees who provide a clean, sterile environement in our health care facilities and manors to ensure patients and residents have spaces that are free of germs and infectious diseases. In times of emergency CUPE Member are also there to assist you. Paramedics, Firefighters and Police are the first responders to any kind of situation from home emergencies to accident scenes and health crisis’; and Municipal workers make sure your water is safe and clean.

The first phase of our campaign will continue throughout the summer and beyond as we believe we have not previously done as good a job as we might have to let Islanders know how valuable the services our members provide are.

A recent study by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Canada’s Quiet Bargain, 2009) set a real dollar value” on the public services delivered to each and every Canadian at $17,000 per person annually. We feel we need to put in a better effort to raise awareness with the public aware about the “value” our members provide for them every day and we intend to work towards that goal as the campaign unfolds in the in the months ahead,” concluded MacKay.