“Islanders lost a great friend”

CUPE members across Prince Edward Island are saddened by the passing of Dr. Joyce Madigane who dedicated 40 years of her life to care for Islanders.
Dr. Madigane was a great defender of Public Health Care. Despite her busy practice as a doctor in Tyne Valley, she rarely declined the opportunity to speak out about the importance of public health care.
She did not only provide care for islanders, she took an active role defending and protecting public health care on the island and especially in rural communities.
She was active for many years with the Friends of the Stewart Memorial Hospital committee and last fall she did not hesitate when we invited her to speak at a public forum on the Health Accord. She did so because she was a compassionate person and passionate about medicine ultimately providing the best care to her patients.
She will be missed by all of us. We will remember her as a friend and a champion of rural health services.
Lori McKay
President of CUPE PEI