CUPE PEI members support Fishermen

Delegates at the 33rd CUPE PEI annual convention unanimously support Island fishermen in their struggle to obtain fair price for their catch.

The delegates adopted an emergency resolution calling upon the processors and the buyers to pay a fair minimum price of at least $5 a pound to the fishermen.  Fishermen are only getting $3 while retailers may charge $12.56 a pound and live lobster is sold at $10.99 a pound.

“In solidarity with fishermen in the Atlantic region and especially PEI fishermen communities, delegates also decided not to buy any lobsters as long as this issue will not be resolved”, said Lori MacKay President of CUPE PEI.

“We support the fishermen in their decision to stay ashore until they receive a price that will be sufficient to pay for the cost of harvesting the lobster and support their family”, added MacKay.

More than 100 CUPE members are attending the PEI convention this week at the Brudenell River Resort centre.  CUPE members intend to join the fishermen in their protest tomorrow if the meeting between the fishermen and the industry this afternoon don’t resolve this crisis.