PEI Government should not interfere with the Union’s right to organize

CHARLOTTETOWN: The Canadian Union Public Employees is asking the PEI
Government to let the Labour Relations Board decide whether CUPE should be
representing the substitute teachers.

“More than a year ago, substitute teachers in this province approached CUPE to
represent them. We followed the process established under the province’s Labour Act.
More than 300 substitute teachers signed a card saying they wanted CUPE to represent
them”, explains CUPE Representative Stacy Delaney.

“CUPE was ready to proceed with the certification hearing in front of the Board but that
didn’t happen as the matter was further delayed. This is not fair to the substitute
teachers who need representation”, says Delaney.

“Now, the PEI Teachers’ Federation (PEITF) also wants to represent them but instead of
following the process established under the PEI legislation, they want the Government
to change the School Act to accommodate them.”

CUPE PEI President, Lori McKay, believes the Government should let the Labour
Relations Board do its job. “The Labour Board is an independent legislative body which
oversees the union’s right to represent workers. We are asking the government not to
interfere in this matter and to let the Board determine which union should be the
bargaining agent for the substitute teachers.”

“If the PEITF wants to challenge our application to represent the substitute teachers,
they should do it through the Labour Board, not by lobbying the politicians”, concluded