CUPE Local 1174 and the PEI Police Associatotion Meet Director of the Office of Public Safety

Charlottetown: “The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 1174, representing Summerside Police and Fire Services, in tandem with the Prince Edward Island Police Association (PEIPA), are scheduled to meet with the Director of the Office of Public Safety, Mr. Aaron Campbell, to discuss the government’s recent Request For Information (RFI) from potential service providers of a central 911 Dispatch System” says Bill McKinnon, CUPE National Representative.
“The only part of the 911 dispatch system the government’s RFI was supposed to be looking to centralize was, what is called the ‘Call Answer/Transfer’ component (officially referred to as the ‘Public Safety Answering Point’ or ‘PSAP’). This is the piece of the 911 system that a citizen will make first contact with and from where the call is transferred to the specific emergency service (Fire, Police or EMS) required by the caller.

However, one quick look at the introduction of the RFI itself, and you can see the RFI is seeking additional information from service providers of their ability to incorporate the dispatch services for volunteer Fire Departments’ and to include the capability to incorporate Police dispatch functionality.

This is work presently done in Summerside by our members of CUPE Local 1174.
On September 28, we requested a meeting with the Premier, Attorney General Greenan and the Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs, Carolyn Bertram. Ms Bertram responded by letter dated October 9 advising us that Mr. Campbell’s office was handling this matter and was committed to arranging a meeting with Mr. Campbell to discuss our concerns.

Representatives of CUPE Local 1174 and the PEI Police Association will be available for comment after the meeting, which should not last any longer than 45 minutes to an hour,” concluded McKinnon.