CUPE backs Charlottetown strikers

CHARLOTTETOWN: More than 100 CUPE members from across PEI, rallied in front of Charlottetown’s city hall Oct. 24, to support CUPE 501’s week-old strike.

Paul Moist told the crowd this strike  is about fairness and respect.  “The solidarity evident in the community tells me that these members have broad support.  Our five striking members are not  alone; they have the full support of 570,000 CUPE members from coast to coast.”

Moist urged the city to return to the table.  “Our waste water
treatment plant workers provide an important service, one that deserves to be
fairly recognized at the bargaining table.”

CUPE PEI President, Milo Murray said  “This
strike is about the City of Charlottetown spending $20 million renovating their
waste water treatment plant, bringing it from a Level 2 to a Level 4 operation,
but refusing to pay five highly skilled workers accordingly.”

The president of the PEI Federation of Labour, Carl Pursey, also stressed the
solidarity amongst unionized workers on the Island, and brought along the
support of the Federation.

The five members of CUPE 501 have been without
a contract since Dec. 31, 2006.  Negotiations began in Feb. 2008.