PEI union activists want their issues on the forefront

CHARLOTTETOWN—Union activists from all over Prince Edward Island vow to put the issues of the workers on the forefront during the next provincial election.

More than 60 activists participated in the first ever Political Action Conference organized on PEI for CUPE members.

“We have a number of issues facing the working families of this province. During the next provincial election, we want to make sure our members make the connection between the lunch box and the ballot box”, said Donalda MacDonald, President of CUPE PEI.

“Health care services, hours of care in nursing homes, high cost of postsecondary education, childcare services, the poverty of working families and minimum wage are among the issues the members want to put forward.”

“Come election time, we want our members to be ready and raise those important questions when their local candidate asks them for their support. We are not telling them how to vote but we want them to cast an informed vote and we are giving them the tools they need to do it,” added MacDonald.

“CUPE is committed to public service jobs and we believe that services such as the bussing of our school children should remain public. We also want Islanders to stay in their home province. Almost two-thirds of the participants had a family member who is working out West. This is disheartening and the only way to address this situation is through the creation of good paying jobs here at home,” concluded MacDonald.

CUPE PEI represents more than 2,400 members who work in health care, education, municipalities and the University.